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This section of the website contains useful resources: links to software downloads, copies of presentations, training videos etc.

Internet Safety Talks

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Useful links

N.B. The software is mainly for Windows.
AVG Anti-virus, Free N.B. Make sure you download the FREE anti-virus only, NOT the trial of the whole package (unless you want the paid for version)
Zonealarm Free Firewall N.B. Scroll down and download the Free Firewall, not the trial of the full Security suites.
Malwarebytes clean up Useful for removing problems, rather than preventing. Just go for the free one to start with.
Adblock Plus Get rid of unwanted (and unsafe?) adverts from webpages.
Microsoft Safety Scanner Free program to download that detects and helps remove a wide range of bad stuff.
Hide My Ass (not free) Software to create a Secure Virtual Private Network on your computer or smartphone. Protects your online activity, keeps it private. Can also let you access overseas websites as if you are in the country e.g. watch BBC iPlayer while on holiday in Spain. Very handy.
CyberStreetWise Government site with advice on staying safe online. Includes links to a wide range of security software.
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