Content Management Tools

What are content management systems? Basically they are specialised programs that let the owners of websites update their sites themselves, without having to be technical wizards. This could include adding simple bits of news or details of events, changing text, adding pictures, or even creating new pages.

There are many, many content management systems available. We've looked at many of them and all seem to have problems: the ones which are simple to use and manage are usually very limited in what they let you do. The more powerful ones that give you much more control need a three-day training course to learn how to use them and an IT department to keep them running.

We decided to build our own. We wanted something that allowed our customers to do the easy things easily, but which would also allow them to do some very complicated things easily as well. We also wanted something that could naturally handle bi-lingual and multi-lingual sites and would offer a Welsh-language interface for those customers who want one.

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