Search Engine Optimization

Creating a website is easy. But it's useless if no-one can find it. How do you get a 'good' position in Google, Bing or Yahoo?

That is where search engine optimisation (SEO) and related skills are needed - something that is a lot more complicated.

We work with our clients to identify their target audience and then edit the words, images and structure of the website to improve the position of the website in Google searches for that target audience. It's no use being number one on Google in Mexico if your target customers are all in Pembrokeshire.

We have developed various strategies to help small, local businesses reach a wider market.

In addition to working with the structure of the website to improve Google position, we can also assist with other techniques that help raise the profile of a website, and reach a wider target audience, including building links with other websites and use of social media - Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Google+ etc.

We can also provide an SEO service for your existing website, not just ones that we have developed for you.

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